ASP Level 3

Accredited ASP Level 3 Designer, Projen has extensive experience in delivering compliant, certified cost-effective electrical infrastructure and utility designs.

We are experts in all areas of contestable engineering consultancy, design and drafting, with a reputation renowned across Sydney. Our skills and service offerings include: new connections; powerline design; chamber and kiosk/pad mount substations; HV connections; project master planning and staging for large land developments; easements; UG and OH connections; alterations to existing network connections; relocation of existing network assets (as may be required for large-scale land development sites, mining sites, large commercial expansions, residential property development, road widening projects, and your unique site constraint); subdivisions; street and public spaces lighting design.


  • Level 3 ASP design work
  • Supply authorities network standards
  • Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid networks
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Asset Relocations

Network connection relocation is often required in instances of road widening, construction of new rail networks, clearances from buildings or to improve views for property owners. But it can be an expensive decision and owners are responsible for all design and construction costs.

Owners planning a relocation of the overhead power line connection to their property generally have the responsibility to ensure all design and construction works are approved by their energy network and are compliant with their regulations. Relocation of an existing connection to the network must be designed and constructed by Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) – with designers required to hold Level 3 accreditation (ASP3).

However, Projen can help. This is because we specialise in coordinating all design and construction works associated with relocating existing electrical assets, providing the cheapest and most commercially appropriate means of getting assets out of the way as quickly as possible.


Whether you require dismantling and relocating overhead infrastructure, relocating third party assets (such as streetlights or telecommunications cabling and equipment), reinstating paths or roads, installing new electrical network infrastructure, adding or changing connections to our network or reconnecting, and possibly relocating a substation, we can assist you with establishing the most appropriate means of dealing with both overhead or underground electrical assets.

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New Connections

Projen are experts at executing new connection projects and delivering detailed designs for power supplies across Sydney. These include but are not limited to: kiosk/pad mount design; chamber substations; pillar design; unmetered supplies and complex network connections.


  • Kiosk/Pad mount Design
  • Chamber substations
  • Pillar Design
  • Unmetered Supplies
  • Complex Network Connections
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Street Lighting

Projen are considered among Sydney’s leading suppliers of lighting reticulation design services.

We have extensive experience in street and public spaces lighting reticulation design and have partners that provide us illumination design services.

Our specialties include: freeway and major road lighting schemes; minor road lighting – including enhancements necessary for Local Area Traffic Management projects; illuminance design for complex intersections, motorway traffic merging areas and car parks; pathway and bikeway lighting; essentially, the design of a range of electrical systems to allow the safe and reliable operation of all lighting installations.


  • Freeway and major road lighting schemes
  • Minor road lighting – including enhancements necessary for Local Area Traffic Management projects
  • Illuminance design for complex intersections
  • Motorway traffic merging areas and car parks
  • Pathway and bikeway lighting
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Providing adequate electrical infrastructure to enable the supply of electricity and public lighting to all the lots in a proposed subdivision is vital.

From application to connection, Projen helps by offering planning and electrical design for connections to subdivisions and detailed design plans of electricity reticulation.


Our team can support you as you lodge a subdivision application, a development application or a building application (depending on the scope of your proposal with local council), organise feasibility studies for the plans we have designed, and guide you through the process of authority approvals and electrical supply agreements.

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Demonstrating a commitment to professional development, Projen provide timely, efficient and planned upgrade services.

This involves evaluating existing electrical infrastructure, identifying potential challenges, and proposing solutions to accommodate the increased demand for power within the development.

Projen ensure that upgrades meet or exceed standards which are imperative to guarantee the safety of the development’s occupants and compliance with legal requirements. This may involve coordinating with relevant authorities and obtaining necessary permits for the electrical work.


Seamless and efficient electrical infrastructure for residential and commercial subdivisions. Effective solutions to meet the electrical needs of the individual lots within the subdivision.

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